Computer Performance Tips

Computer Performance Tips

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In the following paragraphs I’ll clearly spell the most effective things you can do to be able to boost the performance of the computer and increase your computing experience.

More Memory (RAM)

In case your computer has less then 256 MB of memory you might want to attempt to add more. If you do not understand how much memory you’ve: right click my computer, visit qualities and appear towards the end from the dialog box.

Memory is how the pc stores open files or programs to be able to provide the processor fast access. Simply put more memory means more speed and stability. You can purchase memory online or go to your local Best To Buy where they are able to do the installation for you personally if you do not feel at ease doing the work yourself.

Defrag your pc

Make a filing cabinet that has run out of order, you would need to look tougher for your files just like a pc would when it’s fragmented. With time your pc will end up fragmented. Whenever your computer is fragmented it must continue to work harder to a single thing a pc can perform. Defragging your pc is important for computer performance and stability.

Diskeeper is probably the most efficient and effective defrag program I’ve ever used. With Diskeeper you are able to defrag your pc without getting to shut other individuals. You then have a “place it and end up forgetting it” feature that allows you to set your pc to defrag whenever without getting to consider defragging again. Most particularly this defrag program gives your pc a obvious performance boost.

Remove malware & spy ware

Should you frequently receive popups whilst not surfing the net you might have excessive levels of malware or spy ware on your pc. By taking out the malware and spy ware you won’t just get a performance boost but you’ll increase your computing experience by removing annoying ads.

Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy are generally free programs which will scan your pc for malware and spy ware and permit you to take it off effortlessly.

Surf the net faster

Firefox ( is really a new browser that’s faster and much more secure then Ie. With Firefox you are able to install extensions which “connectInch and provide the browser more functions. For instance I presently have extensions that let me know the elements and block online advertisements. Install the program today and replace your present browser which probably is Ie.

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