Relevant Qualifications and Skills of a Security Camera Operator

Relevant Qualifications and Skills of a Security Camera Operator

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Now that several individuals have been recognized to be capable of posing threat for cybersecurity breaches and attacks in various ways, there is more attention need to be drawn to the aspect of who handles our security camera operations. A security camera operator who performs active in public spaces monitoring is expected to possess a license issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Only operators that have passed the level 2 award in security camera operations (public space surveillance) can apply for the license. The course is offered by different training providers and has a duration of four to six days.

The job of a security camera operator does not necessarily require any specific educational qualification or requirement, but at least he/she should have a reasonable literacy standard and numeracy for the purpose of easy completion of paperwork and inputting data into the computer system.

An excellent communication skill and previous experience on the job would definitely be an added advantage. The existence of the ability to enforce rules and regulations but in a manner that is not confrontational is also very essential for the job. For certain establishments, a driver’s license is also required. An experienced security camera operator can apply for promotion to a team leader role – a post which also often comes with subsidies.

Security Cameras Operators Skills

Successful security cameras operators are mindful and unscrupulous individuals who are highly dedicated and concerned about the safety of others. Apart from possessing the talent for all things technical, they also have the ability to identify abnormalities. In addition to the above-mentioned abilities and traits, employers are looking for security cameras operators with the following skills:

  • Multitasking ability

The security cameras operators must have the ability of always keeping an eye on the monitor even when he receives a phone call or has to speak to a colleague

  • Communication skills

For the purpose of the security operators to occasionally give a statement to police officers, interact with emergency services or in some cases even appear in court, he/she needs to possess a strong and verbal communication skill.

  • Surveillance system knowledge

Since extensive knowledge of video surveillance system is very important to the work of a security camera operator, except when working Hikvision security systems which are not so complicated, many employers required these operators to have some kind of video surveillance certification.

  • Ability to work independently

A security camera operator is not required to interact with very many people, as a result of this, it is relevant that he/she is able to work and stay alert always without constant supervision.

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