Sitting Desk or Standing Desk: You Decide

Sitting Desk or Standing Desk: You Decide

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If you work in an office, you have probably engaged—or at least overheard—the debate about whether or not you should switch to a standing desk.  Well, in order to make an informed decision, lets take a look at why you should or should not use sitting desks or Stand up desks at

SITTING DESK: Why You Should

Obviously, the most immediate benefit to a sitting desk is that you sit down the whole time.  This is certainly very comfortable; and if you use the right chair and sit properly it can be easy on the joints as well as your spine.  Indeed, get an excellent, ergonomic chair that promotes good posture which encourages good circulation; overall promoting good health. But even so, it is still recommended that you get up and move around for 5 to 10 minutes about every hour or two.

SITTING DESK: Why You Should Not

Studies show that sitting for too long puts you at an elevated risk for many chronic diseases.  For example, just one hour of prolonged sitting decreases the fat-burning lipoprotein, Lipease, by upwards of 90 percent!  And since sitting requires less energy, your resting heart rate slows, as does your metabolism.

And, of course, if you are not using an ergonomic chair you will inevitably slouch and that can bring pain and other chronic problems as well.


Also known as a stand up desk, these new pieces office furniture promotes health because standing for extended periods of time improves circulation over sitting. This also means that you increase your metabolism. As a matter of fact, after just 3 hours of standing at a desk (instead of sitting), your heart rate improves by at least 10 bpm and that is about an extra 50 calories burned every week.  Standing also keeps you more alert than sitting too (especially since sitting makes it easier to sleep).

STANDING DESK: Why You Should Not

The main reason you would not want to stand at a desk all day is that it can be rough on your feet.  Also, standing for long periods can put added pressure on your joints (knees and ankles) as well as your spine; especially if you are overweight. One good way to remedy this, though, is to switch between a sitting desk and a standing desk for several hours at a time throughout the day.

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